People who listen to a lot of the top wrestling-related podcasts (e.g. The Steve Austin Show, The Ross Report, Talk Is Jericho) ought to be very familiar with DDP YOGA. They hear advertising for DDPY in practically every episode of those shows. In addition, advertising on Google and Facebook also targets wrestling fans via DDP YOGA ads.

While everyone knows that DDP YOGA is available as part of a home video series and an app, not everyone realizes that Diamond Dallas Page actually hits the road to do DDPY workshops. I was fortunate enough to catch one of these in Monroe Township, New Jersey — a little under two hours’ drive from Long Beach, New York — on the morning of Sunday, October 16. Titled Inspiration Meets Perspiration, the event’s namesake implied that it would include both a lecture and yoga. But was that going to be worth the $70 admission price per person? In short, the answer is/was yes.

This morning event kicked off with going to the ballroom area of the Crowne Plaza Monroe South Brunswick Hotel to check-in, which only took a few minutes. Upon entry, each person was encouraged to take a free bottle (or two) of Harmless Harvest. After entering the room, there was Diamond Dallas Page himself walking around, talking to attendees and setting up the event alongside wife Brenda. Attendees were encouraged to set up their mats where they wanted, with their personal items left off to the sides of the room.


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