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Local Workshops

DDP Yoga workshops are taking place all over the country.. and the globe! If there isn't one near you subscribe and be alerted whenever a new one is added!

Ultimate Workshop

Join DDP in Smyrna, GA for the Ultimate Workshop experience. There are two options, the first included the work and the second includes dinner in DDP's home!

Book your own workshop!

Do you have your own gym or fitness center? Contact us to see how you can book your own DDP Yoga workshop!

DDP Yoga will change your life!


DDPYOGA is designed by Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) a three-time professional wrestling heavyweight champion, whose career spanned two decades and who entered the ring at 35, an age when most pro athletes are forced into retirement. DDPYOGA is a revolutionary fitness system that places no pressure on the joints, elevates cardio levels, develops core strength and flexibility, promotes body fat loss and increases lean muscle growth. DDP has taken his body to hell and back as he traveled the world and wrestled up to 270 days a year suffering major injuries to his neck, back, shoulders and knees, injuries that could easily derail a career and affect his quality of life. His answer to this was DDPYOGA, a system that allows you to work at your own ability and with consistency reap benefits that will help hold back the hands of time. Dallas first created the workout, Yoga For Regular Guys after rupturing his L4/L5 discs in 1998.  He realized there was a need for a workout that offered the benefits of Yoga for individuals who were turned off by traditional forms of Yoga.  By combining his knowledge of traditional fitness techniques, sports rehabilitation, dynamic resistance and Yoga positions, the Yoga for Regular Guys workout was born. With over a decade of development, Dallas has refined and enhanced his workout program we know today as DDP YOGA.