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DDPYOGA Sponsored Athletes [br] [br]

We are in the process of building a team of athletes who have a passion for their sport and a passion for all things DDPYOGA related. [br] [br]

We do look at every application and we will select athletes across the board from traditional sports like Football, basketball and baseball to Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other combat sports. [br] [br]


Your proposal needs to be in .doc or .pdf format and must include: [br] [br]

1. Your complete contact information – name address, phone number, email address, Facebook page, website (if applicable). [br] [br]

[br]2. A letter breaking down your goals in your chosen sport, your plans to reach them and how you will use DDPYOGA to help you achieve them. [br] [br]

3. Brief resume/history of competition (Team) results primarily focusing on your recent victories and or individual statistics. [br] [br]

4. A very clear explanation of what you are looking for from us. [br] [br]

[br]The content of your resume/proposal is more important to us than presentation and it need not be formal or lengthy (the shorter the better). We’re simply interested in hearing about who you are, what you’ve accomplished, future goals, specific needs/what you want in a sponsorship and your knowledge about DDPYOGA and DDP. [br] [br]

Kindly send your sponsorship requests to with SPONSORSHIP in the subject line. [br][br]

*We will work with athletes performing at the top of their professions and create specialized packages. All who are chosen will get a starter bag featuring the DVD’s, monster sized yoga mat, plus a specialized stream of revenue producing program and various other items.