Are you sending me tickets?

No, you’ll be added to the list at the door. You’ll be checked in by a staff member who will also collect your consent form.

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

A towel, yoga mat, water bottle, your heart rate monitor if you have one AND your consent form! We will be sending out the consent forms a few days before the workshops.

Can I take a picture with DDP?

Yes, but please wait until AFTER the workshop, Dallas will be available to take photos with everyone.

Immediately, after the workshop finishes there will be a GROUP Photo taken that will be posted on the DDP YOGA FB page for you to share.

Can I purchase merchandise at the workshop?

Yes! We’ll have DDP YOGA T-shirts, ranging in Mens sizes from XS-6XL both styles of our brand new and very AWESOME Baseball Caps, Bandanas and of course the DDPY Max Pack Workout system!

Where can I get the consent form?

That’ll be emailed to you before the workshop but you can also download it here!

DDP Waiver and Release -Workshop